Fulfilling a contract, earning votes, re-election

My thoughts are a bit, but not much, different as it pertains to our crazy system of elections 

Most of my commute is littered with silly yard signs promoting various candidates as is my mailbox.  Although I watch shows, I do not watch cable T.V. or listen to the radio so I avoid that noise.

Metaphor and simile’s; I suppose the deeper one gets into a subject(insurance), and wants to help people understand it, the more similes and metaphors you can use.  Although insurance is a bit dirty, it is unfair to compare it to politics since that is much dirtier…sort of.  But where does it make sense?

Claims.  Claims are supposedly why you have insurance, just in case.  The truth is, likely 90%+ has it because the law or a mortgage requires it.  But, when a claim doesn’t go well, what happens?  Well, the claimant first feels the brunt of it.  Then, if there is an agent/broker they feel some of it.  Depending on when during the policy period, at some point the agent/broker now finds out the customer wants to leave.  BUT, here comes the catch.  If you were regularly reviewing your rates, there is not an artificial buffer keeping your rate high.  So, you go to switch and it becomes HIGHLY unlikely that you can since you now have a claim on your record.

Behind the scenes; nice enough couple starts with a $2400 rate and is thrilled.  You run the CLUE report and find 5 occurrences over a 5 year period.  2 of these are using towing, total payout $124.  1 is a relative’s so we exclude it.  That leaves you with a comprehensive claim since his vehicle was vandalized while parked and she hit a deer.  New rate?  $3800  WTF?  Nope, just insurance.  **Yes, there are dozens of things behind this but scenarios like this are not unusual.

Sort of like; taxes are up, standard of living is down, your town/city/state’s reputation is not good, you might even be involved in some “shady” stuff but you are getting re-elected because you or your party has the money to do it.

ADVERTISING But when your signs go out are you advertising to new votes or old votes?  In theory, we are in a connected world.  If you received 1000 votes last election, how many of those can you depend on to vote for you again?  BUT, bigger than that, how many of those can you depend on to encourage another person to vote for you?

It is very rare that we receive a phone call specifically requesting a company be used. Like Sasquatch rare, * Saw SmallFoot, usual story but still fun.  Nice Soundtrack**  BUT, most of our calls come based on the name of one of our divisions, our parent company name or one of our team.  Wondering why voting is that much different?  Kind of like a new candidate having an office two doors from office and to my knowledge, no hellos have been exchanged.  Then again, ignoring small business is just what New York does.

It goes back to some basic stuff; be worth sharing.  Give people reasons to share you. Don’t advertise to advertise.  Focus on being worth voting for(buying) and the rest seems to take care of itself