Getting things done and some phone etiquette

Is just  not that easy.  Maybe there is to much on my to do list, maybe I need to use my assistant better maybe I need to delegate more maybe I am too ambitious(no such thing) maybe I am to slow maybe I need better priorities maybe I am just complaining.


Unlike an automated message every call, e-mail, tweet Facebook message and beyond means something.  Every interaction feels good, even the annoying ones, even the ones that do not earn money because the interactions and relationships are the only currency whose value exceeds “money.”  Leading with the intention of doing good and talking to people and sharing people and getting beyond the transaction is what gets me up and keeps me up.  How about you?

I love the folks that “…promise to return every call”  yes, real big of you to promise something you should be doing anyhow.    I actually respect the big companies that set a low standard for themselves by promising to respond within 24-48 hours.  Yes it is frustrating but they set themselves up for over delivering with a massive underpromise.    Although I cannot help but wonder why you need a policy.  Just return the call or e-mail as soon as you can.  If you feel like it took to long genuinely apologize,  whether it is right or not I do it often.   I have found that most people just want to be acknowledged in a reasonable time.  No offense to perfection but I’m not interested in it.  Heck even in baseball where a perfect game is celebrated it is actually not a perfect game.  A perfect game should have 27 pitches, one per out.  Or a slightly less than perfect should have 81, 3 strikes per out, but instead there is no limit on pitches perfection is considered not letting anyone on base.  This is at least two steps removed from what could be considered perfection.


Like returning phone calls, I do it as quickly as I can.  Reality is I try and call you when I can give you my full undivided attention. What we have to talk about, on some level, is really important to at least one of us.  I will not interrupt you for anyone but my wife and even she may have to have a call go unanswered sometimes.  Just because you have call waiting doesn’t mean you have to use it.  

This week, like any other week, I just won’t get it all done.  There will likely be a call that does not get returned….but will.  Although this week is slightly different because there will be at least one call I really want to make but cannot.  See that is the call that really matters the one that is relationship based not transaction based.

The human interaction is the payoff.

Just some thoughts.