Opening > Closing ?

One of the better things about working with “newer” people is you get to rethink both positive and negative moments.  Analyzing a situation and the steps create a refresher course for me and have even helped open my eyes to missed, unnecessary and better steps that can benefit all of us;

This post on closing vs. opening has continued to come up.  Sometimes it comes out as ” Just go make some new friends and see what happens…”  other times as ” Just see how you can help them..”  or “See if he/she is going to that event and if not invite them”

I get it, closing a sale gets you paid.  Sure it does. It pays you today or whenever your commission comes.  But, haven’t you had the experience when someone is pushing you through a sales script and you catch on a few steps in?  It just feels icky to me.  I’m not sure what the other word is, or even if it is one word, but here are a few things that have come up;

  • A sure sign you have “done your job” which is essentially translating verbal trust to the moment when a payment comes, is when the person is handing you payment information and not exactly sure of the payment amount.
  • A similar moment to this is when you feel them “closing” themselves.  You know you can skip some steps and get to the point.
  • When a long time customer relays a heartfelt message to a co-worker who then transcribes it for you to read.  That right there is as important as a close.  Why? Because it goes beyond the transaction.

When you close a sale, by definition, it means an end.  A process has come to a close.  Is that really what you want?  Do you want this new person to simply be closed?  Do you really think your silly take out a piece of paper and ask them to take out their phone to give you referrals(insert vomiting noise here) is as good on a closed person or better on an open one?  Yes, this forgets your tactic is past its time.

What if you were instead always keeping an eye on what could be next?  What opportunities could be opened by this transaction/interaction/sale/relationship start, etc?