A great day

I say it many times a week, since I have only 24 hours in a day(just like you) I am very careful with my time.  Specifically when it comes to who I CHOOSE to work with, yes I do not work with everyone that I speak with.  Today I cannot be grateful enough that Ms. “X” called.  She called prompted by a postcard offering tips on things to do in 2012 which was great.  All she saved was the part with my photo and contact info, actually was put together by Graphic Nature .  That felt great, it felt great that we have not spoken in around 5 years and she thought to call me when she had a problem.  But that was just the beginning.

Note to self and you, an 89 year old has a whole lot of knowledge and experience that is not written down BUT you will NEVER get to learn if you do not ask.  I asked and I was rewarded with two awesome stories.

I DO NOT SELL INSURANCE I HELP PEOPLE BUY IT  and along the way I am privileged to interact with some awesome people.