Do you think about where you spend your money?

I do, as a matter of fact I think about it a lot.  Do the people I am paying actually appreciate it?  How far are my dollars going?  Does the company I am choosing to work with share some or all of my non-negotiable principles?  Do they even have principles?

Now I know sometimes you and I just need to go to the big box store or shop on-line, but when we can what option do we choose.  EVERY bit of paper my company buys is 100% recycled.  Now in theory this costs more per piece but it would cost me more to sacrifice my principles.  If a better option is available why not go for it.

There was a stretch of time I was constantly approached by an energy supplier.  Can document speaking with at least 12 different reps.  Even though they were 12 different people the pitch was all the same.  On the surface sounds good but then you do some research and realize it is not what they are saying it is.  I asked some smart people, asked some of their people and kept accepting solicitations then realized they did not fit how I like to do business.  Then, one of the smarter people I asked mentioned another company.  So I do my research again and found a fit.  Yes, I research who I give money to and yes they better have some characteristics that fit me and my business.

Why do I bring this up when I typically write on insurance.  Well very regularly I hear from people spending a lot of money with people they really do not like.  They accept not so good service and hope for the best.  Baffling to me. I know it takes some effort to switch but truthfully it is not much.  Invest an hour and you could return $200 or more, not bad.  Forgetting money for a minute.  You work hard for your dollars, you earn them because only Washington makes them.  Let others earn your dollars as well.   Flex your principles when spending money and you can single handily influence the whole economy.  There is no shame in spending a little more to get a better product, service or experience.  Quite honestly sometimes it even feels better.

Either way, just my thought.