Worth $5 a month? Pennies buying dollars

Is it worth $5 a month https://theinsurancebill.com/?p=190 

The biggest difference in what I am writing today and what I wrote in September 2012 is that I have not had this discussion with a current or potential customer in 5ish years.  Why?  Because I finally realized this is not a discussion worth having. Period.

I was always doing things better, now there is a team of us doing things better.  What was once a theory is now completely proven out.  We stick to several simple themes, one of the main ones being; Our Goal is simple, to improve your coverage and improve your rate, ideally both.

This doesn’t depend on an industry that falsely leads with price.  It doesn’t depend on amateurs who are still letting non-licensed shoppers who are really looking for good information, make decisions based on price. But, both of these, certainly help.

So, $5 still buys as much six years later, we just don’t discuss it anymore.