What does your agent do for you?

So in theory what do they actually do for you?

  1. help explain insurance terms
  2. help lower your rates
  3. help keep your rates level
  4. help filter through a claim


This is YOUR partner, you are exchanging money for promises of good service if something should go wrong.  Well the “going wrong” doesn’t happen very often so what can they do in the meantime?

  1. help you by being a resource for ALL things insurance related
  2. make introductions to other professionals
  3. help you grow your business by hiring you
  4. follow you on twitter
  5. like you on Facebook
  6. donate to your cause

The list can go on for days.  Bottom line is EXPECT MORE from your agent.  Don’t just hire the “Smith Agency” make a partnership with the agent.  Make it mutually beneficial beyond just a transaction.  On some level be friends.

Just some thoughts.