New York No-Fault coverage, simple question…

If given the choice would you want $50,000 or $175,000? Easy answer right.  What if you could have $50,000 to pay for all of your medical bills and lost time from an auto accident or $175,000?  Another easy answer right.  Now check your auto insurance policy’s No-Fault(also called Personal Injury Protection PIP) section and make sure you have $175,000.  If you do not have the full amount please call your agent immediately.

If you are wondering what else your agent has not done for you call me immediately.

UPDATE 5/11/2015

Really is kind of sad but this has not changed since the first post.  Most of the people I come in contact with have not been afforded this very basic amount of coverage.  Such a shame but consider it from a few angles;

1. AGENT “selling” insurance; This is awesome.  You can help the world while also making your sale that much easier.  EASY point of differentiation.  EASY way to improve the life of another human.  Jump all over it.

2. CUSTOMER; I am sure you know this by now but you are more in control than ever.  Shameful your agent may be taking this shortcut.  It is also sad but most of the new on-line aggregators are taking advantage of you as well

Just some thoughts.  Most days it is the little things that get overlooked.