Worth $5 a month? Pennies buying dollars

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The biggest difference in what I am writing today and what I wrote in September 2012 is that I have not had this discussion with a current or potential customer in 5ish years.  Why?  Because I finally realized this is not a discussion worth having. Period.

I was always doing things better, now there is a team of us doing things better.  What was once a theory is now completely proven out.  We stick to several simple themes, one of the main ones being; Our Goal is simple, to improve your coverage and improve your rate, ideally both.

This doesn’t depend on an industry that falsely leads with price.  It doesn’t depend on amateurs who are still letting non-licensed shoppers who are really looking for good information, make decisions based on price. But, both of these, certainly help.

So, $5 still buys as much six years later, we just don’t discuss it anymore.

Logic Versus Fear 2

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6 years later and this is still completely true.  Period.  A recent example that isn’t hotdogs;

Was in a position where I needed to buy a car.  There were three specific add-ons “sales” that fall into the logic versus fear category.  I applied logic and bought none of them.  One even had a complete rack of brochures, a clever desk mat and a goofy coffee cup that mimics spilled coffee.  You can actually buy coverage for the day to day messes that a car may experience.

We ALL absorb a certain amount of risk.  Some of us take on more than others.  But what has changed in the “logic vs fear” argument as it relates to insurance is the on-set of IOT(internet of things) devices.  I’ve experiemented with a couple and researched quite a few more.  The key to this is that they MUST logically do something and this something cannot just be peace of mind.

More to come on this

Logic versus fear

Flat Hot Dogs

Logic or Fear?

Interesting dilemma, do you sell or buy based on logic or fear.  If you spend a few minutes looking up choking statistics you can make a strong case you buy these out of fear.  See statistically there are much worse causes than hot dogs.  Logically you or I can say well if the flat hot dog eliminates this risk than it makes sense.  But does it?  Maybe it makes more sense to think through the whole problem; is the person seated, did they take a reasonable size bite are there adults near buy who can supervise end or help if something happens?

Not much different than anything else in life.

So the insurance part; the hope from the insurance company side is that you buy more products or coverage because of the fear of the unknown.  Why else would they show you a courtroom?  Maybe they just ran out of ways to promote discounts.  Instead come up with your own base line of how much coverage you want or feel you should have.  THERE IS NO PRACTICAL OR IMPRACTICAL WAY TO COVER YOURSELF FROM EVERYTHING.  So do the best you can, apply some thought and basic logic, the results will be there.