How many insurance policies do you have?

Let’ start with the typical two person household; You own vehicles so you have (1) auto insurance , whether you have a mortgage or not you are smart enough to own insurance for your residence (2)renters/home/condo/mobile home ,  you have also decided to by some extra liability insurance so you have an (3) umbrella policy.  Now you also have other interests so you have insurance plans for your (4)boat, (5) atv (6) motorcycle (7) motorhome and (8) classic car .

So physical things are covered what about you? Well of course you purchase (9)health insurance and  you each own (10), (11) life insurance as well as (12) (13) disability insurance .  You even took advantage of the AFLAC (14) accident and (15) cancer plans offered at work to supplement the (16) catastrophic illness plan you bought separately .  Don’t forget about your teeth (17) dental insurance and your eyes (18) vision.

18 yes 18 different policies.  In case you were wondering insurance plays a HUGE role in the bottom line of your household.  But wait what if….

You own an investment property (19) landlords insurance and that little vacation place at the lake (20) second home insurance, I was wondering where you kept those toys.  Well certainly we must be done.  Well what if you own a business…

So you need some basic (21) general liability coverage then depending on the business you will need (22) workers comp and (23) disability and quite possibly(24) commercial auto not to mention the (25) professional liability coverage you may have as well as the (26) directors and officers for the board you serve on. Whew, 26 potential policies for you to keep an eye on and there are even more than this this is actually pretty basic.

Insurance is a big puzzle and the scary part is there are still people out there who will “predict” you are over insured before they complete the puzzle.