Act like it

Partially prompted by this October 2012 rant on coverage, sadly, my efforts have helped hundred but millions are still not benefiting.  Sadly, I am one of those negatively impacted by someone with not enough coverage and a large national company that allowed this to happen.

I’m done, actually never started, with the nonsense of “Hiring Producers,”  Human beings who have earned a license are LICENSED INSURANCE AGENTS.  Yes, the quality, like all professions, will vary.  BUT, What the F are they actually producing?  If you say revenue for the agency, the sound you hear is me vomiting.

Then, while I clean up, lean on your friend the Internet for some help with defining producer;

Here is your Wikipedia entry   and here is This is where you may say, but hey they produce economic value or a service.  Then I say, but do you?  Then I say, as someone with a good understanding of sales, do you think someone wants to work with a producer or a licensed Insurance Agent?  Truthfully, most won’t care, but those that do will be better for all of us.

Plenty of people do not help people get as much as they can out of their insurance budget.  And, as you may know, the world is imperfect. But you have to try.  You have to know how the system behind the insurance system works and how to make it work for people who are relying on you.  Here is what is likely an uncommon thought for you;

Stop discussing coverages with people you are working with.  Only answer the questions they have.  BUT, to do this you need to commit to writing a higher standard of coverage. Don’t worry, you’ll save people money AND time.  You’ll also be able to say something like ” we helped you improve your coverager and lower your rate…”  instead of  “great news, we saved you money…”

On the other hand, the concept of enlightened self-interestis real and it does present a conflict.  So although this feels that piece of my life, so does you continuing to keep your personal bar low and not even attempting to improve insurance for people.