How to take control of your claim

Step 1.Remember why you have insurance, it is not for the little annoying thing that you can comfortably afford to fix.  It is for the event that you need help paying to fix.  Filing a claim because  “I pay for insurance why shouldn’t I use it…” can get you in to trouble. **What is trouble?  Trouble is having rates on the higher side of the market for at least three years**

Step 2. Do your homework.  So you just filed an auto claim and you think it is pretty bad.  Well how about you get an estimate from your local body shop?  Then you can spend some time on-line figuring out what your car is worth.  Try Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds and then try and shop for your car on AutoTrader.

Step 3. Part of your contract whether it be for auto or home insurance it is your responsibility to limit the loss.  Have I ever seen a problem with this clause?  No.  Reality is most people apply some effort to limiting the damage.  Some things to considerSo you have some damage at your home, how much of the work can you do yourself?  Have you called someone that you would have repair the work for an estimate? **Odd as it may be, the rule of getting three estimates seems to always work.**

Remember your deductible is your choice, calling in a claim is your choice and taking control of your claim is your choice.

**UPDATE 5/19/2015**

All of these and the updates are as true as ever.  We have  even begun to be more proactive.  How?  By taking higher deductibles.  Reality is $1000 is not a lot of damage.  Also, when it comes to homes, you do not actually pay the deductible out.  Many vendors/contractors/tree people and others will work with you and you can even do some of the work yourself.  Also, keep an eye on State Farm.  I like that they have gone to a percentage deductible.  Interesting.  I do not have enough data on it but it is interesting.