Buy an insurance policy with time not money

Sort of.  Let’s talk about life insurance for a minute.  Definitely needs to be at or near the top of the list for everybody.  Key here is getting something because reality is that something is better than nothing.  The majority of the population can use some financial help when a loved one dies.

This help can be to cover a funeral or other last wishes.  It is also important to take some time to grieve.  Then of course there are all those household expenses that might be your responsibility.   Maybe you have just taken out this policy just so you can leave money to family members because there is no one depending on your income.  These are all great reasons to have it in place.

What about the emotional part.  What if your actions on this planet were actually being invested for you?  The return would then be an almost immeasurable amount of love and support when it is needed most.  Now those do not amount to  dollars and likely cannot be used to pay bills but there is something to be said for good feelings and support.  Is that “policy” as important as the one that gives actual dollars?  Depends on who you ask.

Can you have one without the other?  Sure, it is easy to simply buy a life insurance policy.  The other one actually requires effort and time.  See you cannot buy genuine support and feelings.  You cannot buy genuine, unsolicited emotions and support…but you can earn it.  Since you cannot buy this kind of policy and can only earn it doesn’t that immediately make it more valuable.  Money cannot purchase unsolicited, genuine feelings.  It cannot make people choose to share and be there for your family when they do not need to be there.  You can spend(see donate) a lot of money and probably get a church full of people there.  Can probably even get some nice post death awards.  But what are those worth?

Key here, I guess, is you can have one without the other but why would you want just the one.  I think your family would want both.

Just some ideas.