Not enough

I’ve adapted a fair amount since this September 2014 post

But, maybe reinforced my thoughts is a better way of thinking about it.

  • I define winning, no one else
  • I compete against myself, no one else
  • Anyone interested in purely defining me or my company by numbers only isn’t going to get very far with me
  • Context around numbers is really important
  • Many of the metrics, KPI’s, etc. used in insurance are flawed. And generally not going to work for the next decade and beyond

Opportunity; It’s simple, if you are focused on opportunities you’ll find opportunities.  Sometimes, as I’ve learned, this really means you’ll make them.  Or make something or make the situation an opportunity.   **Google Reticular Activating System**

So Hiring and Sales;

HIRING; I’m looking for good people that want to help people buy insurance.  I’m interested in helping make them the best version of themselves possible.  I/We will be as flexible as we reasonably can when it comes to your role/title and is more than open to combining ideas and adapting if we see opportunities that will benefit you.

The industry has, depending on where you read, a large to a massive shortage of humans working in it.  And, it shows.  This will not be solely fixed by technology and certainly not by narrow minds with old standards.

SALES; Consider the phrase, which for us is a way of working ” Manufacturing a Market.”  In brief, it is willing to let sales develop over time because you know how to develop sales over time.  It is how you work with people who buy versus having to sell people.  It’s not crazy, just different.  If you have enough companies that will accommodate enough situations BUT you also have a core operating idea that keeps the process within certain guidelines, you’ll never be without.

Nothing wrong with working in a niche.  I get it and admire your willingness.  The world needs more than that from me.

Thoughts circa 2005

Doing an audit/ clean up of my computer.  Lots of satisfaction in finding goal list and projects that were successful but forgotten.  Also, find lots of thoughts that I am thankful I had then and are still valid today.  Some from a goal list I had put together;

My mission is to continually provide my clients with the service that I would expect, the best possible.  Each relationship will be treated as though it is priceless.  My professionalism must always be visible and I cannot sway from my principals.  Purely on principle, I must always give the client everything possible all while being the person who I would want to deal with.  I must be a reliable source for information and provide those who I deal with the utmost of professionalism…….

It will never be about the money, it is the goal that will drive me and I cannot lose sight of the fact that the money can disappear and I have to appreciate the experience and wherever it may lead.  Since it is my clients who will fund my pursuits, they will be priceless to me and therefore I must be unflinching in my resolve to make their experience great enough to share.  Once this is shared I will be in the best position.  It is about the overall financial goal however my clients must know that they are people and not just numbers and I cannot lose sight of this, my production goals are merely the road map, it is the people and the relationships that must be my fuel.

It is simple I will give them the best to start and therefore cannot be questioned later one.  Accountability is extremely important and I will hold myself accountable for everything.