Good information on spotting vehicles that were damaged in a flood

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and as part of the vehicle inspection process, you may identify cars that have sustained flood damage.
Here are some reminders on identifying possible flood damage. Please be sure to:
> Examine upholstery and carpeting closely; if it doesn’t match the interior or fits loosely, it may have been replaced. Discolored, faded or stained materials could indicate water damage.
> Look for signs of mud or silt on the exterior, including the wheel wells.
> Look for signs of mud, silt, water, or moisture on the interior, including the dashboard.
> Identify moisture, or water lines, in signal lamps.

Alerting your customers to these conditions and identifying a potentially unsafe vehicle, as they will have time to return the vehicle,
or at least to take some action, you may be doing them an enormous favor. These situations should also be reported
to the Frauds Bureau, or at least to CARCO, as it may help prevent others from suffering the same trouble.
Any information you can gather would be helpful.