New Year New Insurance?

Why not?  When was the last time you changed companies?  When was the last time you actually made your agent or broker actually earn their commission.  Make them actually shop around, we are in a competitive market here in New York why not take advantage of it.

How do you start? 

Pretty simple, two steps;

  1. Start with a “baseline” of coverage that you are comfortable with having in place.
  2. Talk to 3-5 companies to see where your rate compares.

That’s it.  Worst case scenario you feel really good about your rate.  Best case you save some money and maybe find a better agent.

UPDATE May 26 2015

Not much has changed.  Still that simple.  There are some okay new tools available now that weren’t around when I wrote this.  You could try

Reality is, if you have not shopped in the last four years two things have likely happened

  1. Your coverage has fell out of alignment with what you need to have or should have
  2. You are likely overpaying

Either way, it is your money.  Spend it how you would like.