Anonymous and the Call Center

Really liked updating this post from October 2013, still is 100% accurate even if I could change a few things, I didn’t.  Being a resource can be interpreted a few ways; you are actually the resource, the one getting things done.  Or, you are the resource because you shared one.  So some moments from the week;

Overheard a call coming into one of the offices, sort of recognized the name.  Turns out it was a customer who started with us two years ago.  I was the resource then, helped insure a new home, made significant improvements to auto insurance coverage.  Then, we sort of helped find some coverage when an “uncovered” claim occurred.  But, then our friend Price Optimization stepped in.  But, I was also a “resource” or at least a contributor to a fundraiser a few years later.  But, alas, our growth is hindering some processes and the anonymous, doesn’t live in your town, doesn’t know your family call center person “won.” this one.  Annoyed and this will get its own post.

Having a tough time with an endorsement and an underwriter.  Nothing new, sadly.  Fortunately, a non-anonymous marketing rep stepped in to help sort things out.  A person who I see a couple of times a year.  Outstanding, cheers to the non-anonymous!!

It even happened again, a goofy claims thing, so I reached out to a person who I have met and has helped me before.  Thankfully, some help arrived.

I’m on the receiving end of a lot of calls and emails.  None of which come from any sort of advertising.  ALL of them come from people who, thankfully, have vetted me and are willing to pass my name and number along.  But, I, and maybe you, have seen anonymous reviews still have a place in society.

Another one from a 10 year plus customer who was questioning her current company.  Yes, there was something odd about their billing.  But, it really is an anomaly.  As I told her, you can look up any of the ten main companies we work with and find all sorts of negative information on ALL OF THEM.  But, much of this information is in fact ANONYMOUS.

This isn’t to say it is false, it is just to say, why are you so accepting of the opinion of strangers?

I applaud those of us IN THE ARENA, and yes it is an appropriate reference even if embellished.  Although I saw at least one product that leads with anonymous reviews, I still applaud their underlying thesis. I just disagree with anonymity and think it is not just stupid, but really f’n stupid to accept anonymous opinions.

This comes on the heels of reading a post from a really strong company who was left off some stupid list.  F them.  I know it takes a minute, but go read Ryan Holiday’s trust me I’m Lying or Robert Cialdini’s Influence.  If read together, watch out for what your eyes and brain will open up to.  I say screw them.  BUT, back to the link to the October 2013 post and you’ll see it is up to us, your people around you even if loosely affiliated, to step in and provide some insight.  Your circle, your people, your crew, your network, your family, your world THAT is who you should hear but only after you hear yourself, your gut, your instinct, first.