Situational reading

I wrote, “Want to improve your world, start with reading this..” and I suppose I meant it in October 2012.  But, since then I’ve changed quite a bit and so has the world.

Coincidentally, I am in a bit of a reading lull.  My morning reading time is absorbed by writing and a larger project that needs to get done.  I also have several books and magazines backed up.  Fortunately, there is Audible and still a fair amount of driving happening so I am not completely without.

Please forget about me

Apparently, I was annoyed by the debates back in 2012, don’t worry, it is a brief post.

But, this line is worth building on

“Because they are afraid that they do not do enough good so if they stopped advertising you would forget them.”

On one hand, maybe you are right.  On the other, is this a bad thing?  So there are actual companies that will review your credit cards to see what, if any, auto payments you still have going that you may have forgotten.  Essentially, ” set it and forget it.”

Quotes aren’t free = the hidden tax

You’ve heard it, read it, been bombarded by it; Get your free auto insurance quote here…..

In case you were wondering, it isn’t free, you’re just not paying for it.  There is a difference.  Take a side track with me and think about the last golf outing you went to( I went on Thursday) or the last school function you went to(that was Friday), or various other non-obvious places that look and smell like “free.”

That free Ice Cream social is part of the book fair where I bought a book and then, kudos to them, rounded up my purchase to “donate” more to the cause.  I had already picked up Mums from the mum sale as well.

Adjusting the how based on who

On occasion, I slip and engage in online dialogue with pundits and consultants who just do not have the same experience, and I as them, but sometimes I take the bait.  It is simple posts like this one that is actually HUGE yet ignored.

I was reminded of this when commenting on a post about Credit Karma.  Yeah for them. They got their California insurance license and will thankfully help feed some headlines for a bit. Then, sometime in the future, they won’t.  But I’ll of still wasted time with people who really are looking to be heard who haven’t actually done what they are writing about.  Shame is on me, not them.

Act like it

Partially prompted by this October 2012 rant on coverage, sadly, my efforts have helped hundred but millions are still not benefiting.  Sadly, I am one of those negatively impacted by someone with not enough coverage and a large national company that allowed this to happen.

I’m done, actually never started, with the nonsense of “Hiring Producers,”  Human beings who have earned a license are LICENSED INSURANCE AGENTS.  Yes, the quality, like all professions, will vary.  BUT, What the F are they actually producing?  If you say revenue for the agency, the sound you hear is me vomiting.

Fulfilling a contract, earning votes, re-election

My thoughts are a bit, but not much, different as it pertains to our crazy system of elections 

Most of my commute is littered with silly yard signs promoting various candidates as is my mailbox.  Although I watch shows, I do not watch cable T.V. or listen to the radio so I avoid that noise.

Metaphor and simile’s; I suppose the deeper one gets into a subject(insurance), and wants to help people understand it, the more similes and metaphors you can use.  Although insurance is a bit dirty, it is unfair to compare it to politics since that is much dirtier…sort of.  But where does it make sense?

The real flaws?

It was true in October of 2012, still true today  Yet, most days I feel like I’m one of the only ones that know this fact or cares about this fact.  Why?

The majority of quoting sites are merely concerned with selling a policy today.  Churn is good for business right up until it isn’t.  Ok, cool.  I’m not even saying help me reduce churn but don’t you think you have the responsibility to take care of the people using your tool?

Marketing pieces are valid….just not yours

This was the basis for two postcards I had done in 2012.  I liked them, still do. I like most things that hold up over time and the things on here do.

Then the next blurb I wrote was called “What does your agent have” this is a post I can probably write weekly if not every other week.  The same format of a solicitation keeps coming.

In my opinion, and there is a bit of data to support this, mailing campaigns still work.  Period.  We have done several this year and they have all produced several results.  Why?

Don’t buy insurance alone

Partially influenced by a $639 tire

If I replaced one tire and skipped the alignment and balancing, I would not get as much out of my new tire.

If you are in New York and only “got a quote” or shopped or reviewed your auto insurance it likely will not work as well as it could.  The multi-policy discount is often ignored but is a critical part of the quoting process.  So offering an auto insurance quote to a person that also insures a home is only part of the situation.  This is an area where MANY companies should be auditing for accuracy, “Do you actually have multiple policies with us?”  REMOVE THE DISCOUNT when the policy leaves not at renewal.  Why let the customer leave under false pretense?  Why give away the premium you are entitled to?

Review and repeat, It’s a cycle disguised as a tag line

Today’s idea comes from a silly, boring post in 2011  Although it was a short, almost lay, post, the message is correct and overlooked.  I’m guilty as charged.

But how do you find ” an average savings of $432….”  when reviewing auto insurance.  Well, the game is more or less rigged.  Some of it can mimic “self-sabotage” but it is really corporate laziness/indifference?  Here are some facts/scenarios to consider;

  • Insurance rates change. Period.  Sometimes a company can do it once a year…if the regulators cooperate.  Certainly every 18 months.