What to expect

Most blogs and news sites have a theme. If you dove into the 100+ posts prior to this one you would see that most are about insurance. But, unlike most insurance companies or insurance blogs I went well beyond “take a higher deductible” “pay in full” “shop around” etc I took many other angles and tried to explain some of them for you.

So, What to Expect? Mostly insurance talk with a mix of some overall business ideas and philosophies to give the reader a sense of me and what could be coming.

One of many challenges in insurance is although everyone is the same, or at least on the surface looks the same, behind the scenes is much different. But, having helped 1000s of people buy insurance, you learn a few things.

Will some of it be repetitive? Yes. But keep in mind there is only so much you can talk about with auto and home insurance and most of it doesn’t need to be spoken about. Why? Because you have ALOT going on in life and should be able to rely on professionals to make some decisions for you.

So, until the next post which hopefully brings some despair and enlightenment.