Time to adopt

Original publish date of October 15 2015

” Why would you give an insurance company more data when they haven’t figured out what to do with what they have?”

I’m giving myself credit, I still believe in one what I was writing three years ago, now I just know more.  But, although our methods are better and new tools exist we just haven’t found the blend yet.

To frame this moment, I just caught up on Lemonade’s transparency chronicle and read a good piece via the Washington Post about home construction that survived Hurrican Michael.

Where is this going?  Well, I won’t allow it to go to a place of frustration.  What’s the point? Nothing good will happen there.

  1. Why does it seem like most insurance companies are not interested in growing the top and bottom line?
  2. Who is the bigger culprit in this; 1) the attitude in the C-Suite or 2) Actuaries or 3)Something around accounting and taxes?