Sales lines and ideas

Saw something yesterday and then read this and need to empty the brain.

  • I’m almost entirely certain that a membership fee of sorts is possible and likely for brokerages of the future
  • It does seem silly that Companies pay a commission for sales but a licensed professional essentially works for free
  • If it follows the rules of a commodity, it is.¬† Sure, the companies can separate from¬† each other based on behavior but THEY DON’T
  • With the rise and likely sustainability of influencer marketing, it is crazy to think of the loyalty that is available and wasted by insurance companies
  • Maybe Actuaries are the real problem, not underwriters
  • Maybe looking for the next deal is not as good as manufacturing opportunities
  • Why can’t the 50 insurance commissioners create “regions of agreement” Where say the northeast(Maine, Mass, CT, NH, VT, NY) All agree to the same things.