Please forget about me

Apparently, I was annoyed by the debates back in 2012, don’t worry, it is a brief post.

But, this line is worth building on

“Because they are afraid that they do not do enough good so if they stopped advertising you would forget them.”

On one hand, maybe you are right.  On the other, is this a bad thing?  So there are actual companies that will review your credit cards to see what, if any, auto payments you still have going that you may have forgotten.  Essentially, ” set it and forget it.”

So this concept goes two ways; you fix the price and just keep collecting.  Or, you quietly and gradually increase rates.  Neither of these is employed by insurance companies, hence, you cannot just set it and forget it without risking massive overpayments.  Remember, these services win by keeping you paying not by raising rates.

It’s like deploying a three-year policy.  Yes, I know we have a couple of small companies doing this and, to be honest, I REALLY like it.  Sure, logistically it presents some challenges, but there is more good to this than bad.  But, if you are an insurance company you must be thinking, “oh no we are giving up two chances to increase rates!”

But, that gives you three years to build a relationship.  Three years to strategically and systematically keep in touch.  Done correctly, not only will they not forget about you, they’ll bring others to you.  And, it will cost less.

Maybe forgotten yet shared and referred to is a better idea than being remembered, loathed and not shared.