The real flaws?

It was true in October of 2012, still true today  Yet, most days I feel like I’m one of the only ones that know this fact or cares about this fact.  Why?

The majority of quoting sites are merely concerned with selling a policy today.  Churn is good for business right up until it isn’t.  Ok, cool.  I’m not even saying help me reduce churn but don’t you think you have the responsibility to take care of the people using your tool?

Just selling policies, it’s cute, it’s nice, it lets people feel good.  But it doesn’t “move the needle.”  You look like everyone else.  Try something new.  Try to show the person how to buy instead of just selling them. Blah, Blah, Blah…..

BIG DATA; Simply put, you are gathering, in most cases, the data you need to help influence future buying decisions.  So, why are you spending resources to get this data and do nothing with it?  Almost every single transaction can be broken down into pieces. Those pieces can be put back together to help make todays purchaser better…….

Just a series on incomplete nonsense;

  • Look at the data you are gathering
  • What pieces can help todays sale
  • What pieces can set up tomorrows

Insurance companies are used to having reserves.  Maybe they should be forced to spend some money on innovation.