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Here it is, eight years later, a big piece of the thesis that keeps things going.  Started here  

Really could say it started a little sooner which led to my exit from a big corporation.  Lots of things there, one was the proper use of price optimization. Fast forward a few years and I stumbled onto this post…**not able to find it?? Juneish 2012 Pawel Stefanski IBM** which was one of the first times I saw/read someone else illustrating the point.

Sadly, much of the industry has disregarded math and logic and cheapened itself to quotes.  In some cases they, large companies and brokers, have so much money they’ll even pay for new “quotes.”

Can anyone provide an actual definition of “proper coverage?”  Nope.  You are not able to.  So, you better have some basic guidelines you follow for EVERYONE.  There is one judge and it is not you or me and he certainly doesn’t play baseball 🙂 Be willing to let people go in lieu of lowering your standards and just providing quotes.

How often is fear part of an agents “speech?” How about you consider being the licensed authority that you are.  “Here is your coverage…it is likely better than what you have now and looks like it costs a bit less…”  ” But Billy I don’t need that much….”  “Ok, but neither of us know that, but if you really do, please go buy me a lotto ticket.”

It’s not because your wages can be garnished or you are protecting assets, blah, blah, blah,

  • It saves time
  • Its right
  • Your wins will outnumber your losses

About that reviewing thing; If you are an agent or a broker consider not making one of the mistakes that your carrier partners are making; doing all the work for customers you do not have instead of the ones you have.  Remember, word of mouth is a real thing.  Referrals are a real thing, oh and if you do it right you do not have to pay for them.

I’m a broken record, but I’m busy and we’re growing, ending before this goes off the rails more