Just include it

It’s sort of silly really.  The world advances, the insurance world advances, yet there is still a reason to talk about glass coverage.  This was four years ago, still true.  I recorded a podcast yesterday and said something that I have said before, looks like I wrote it four years ago as well.

“Should it just be included, not even be an option?”

Yesterday we were talking home and flood insurance and I explained how certain things were just how we did it.  That piece was about water backup but there are several “options” at other agencies that are mandatory with us.  So be it.  It’s a free market.  On the other hand, I have an obligation to myself to continue to evolve and improve.  Along with that logic, I have an obligation to the insurance industry to evolve and improve. Period.  This is also non-negotiable.

Another side of glass claims, to tie to something like #Insurtech; Did you know that Safelite is essentially the glass claim call center for the industry?  Yes, fascinating.  Sure, there will be some regional differences but high fives to them.  On the other hand, does this “service” set up a model that can be emulated or infringe on the free-market?  Not sure, but if you were into that sort of thing it would be worth studying.

*A bigger thought was interrupted and this is being published incomplete….