More money than you are given

Originally posted 5 years ago, sadly, the situation is a bit worse now; “The real cost of a claim”

So yesterday I got a new, new car.  It feels better but not good.  Handing in a rental, that felt good.  Of the last 40 days I have had a rental for 39 of them.  *HUGE opportunity in insurance is the rental car situation, similar to using Angies list on the home side*

So I have a new car but I do not have a closed, completed claim and may not for 30-120ish more days.  Why?

  • First, the title has to come back.  This is not anybody’s fault, just an inefficient government process….likely someone’s fault
  • Once we have that it goes to Big National 2 who’ll then cut some checks
  • But wait, the claim is not actually done at that point.  See, despite being NOT AT FAULT and a customer for 7 YEARS my deductible is being withheld
  • NOW that we have the title the car can be sold at an auction.  Apparently, there is a huge market outside the U.S. for cars totaled in the U.S
  • While this is happening Big National 1 is making an offer since, and I still cannot comprehend it, they still let people buy minimum liability and property damage.  Professional on the outside Amateur on the inside, sad.
  • Look up the B.S. that Comparative Negligence is in New York…and likely elsewhere.  Basically, the at-fault driver has $10,000 in coverage.  My car is at $16,000 the other is at say $5,000 it is not an even split of the funds, etc.
  • Now that we know the sales price of my salvage and Progressive offer two massive companies “agree” and then, only after this should I see my deductible back?  In the meantime, MILLIONS will be spent on ads to get new customers.

This post can continue and there will be other versions, you can also look at starting with August 11 for about a dozen related posts.