A weak letter

Ah, the brain dump.  Sort of hope I didn’t mail this but I likely did.  All true, likely served the purpose of clearing some brain space, now it is clearing some disk space.


January 5th 2015


RE: Potential opportunity


To Whom It May Concern;

I have been and will continue to be an admirer of your company.  What I am particularly drawn to is your “Do Know Evil” philosophy and the millions you invest in positive causes.  For the last eleven years, I have been in the insurance industry.  Specifically the personal insurance market.  There is a bigger opportunity available than you are currently experiencing through advertising.

As you are aware there is a big shift coming in the personal insurance industry.  Specifically due to the divide between how consumer products are purchased and how personal insurance is purchased.  Currently, you are running one operation in England that mimics some of how a U.S. focused model can work.  Now I think it is time for you to follow your “Do Know Evil” philosophy and apply it to how you view insurance.

Insurance advertising can be traced to many of the problems in the insurance industry.  Specifically negatively impacting millions of humans.  The money you are currently making off of the word “insurance” and anything surrounding it is a fraction of what it can be.  Only making money off of advertising for insurance is not nearly as profitable as another way.

Although in the industry for over eleven years I have been running my own firm for three and a half.  The model I have developed has lead my company to be profitable for over three years. Unfortunately, we are unable to keep up with growth.  This has led us to develop a mostly automated system that has fundamentally changed how insurance can be purchased

It would be great to have a conversation.  Either way, all the best.




Billy Van Jura

[email protected]


Birchyard LLC