In case of emergency…

Where are your documents?  Scanned and stored in the cloud?  Hard copies?  Both?

Do you know the number to call if you have a claim?  Take a minute and add your insurance company(s) phone number to your contacts.  Add in your policy numbers as well.  This would save a lot of time in the event of a claim.

Is there an ID card in your glove box?  MOST ID cards have a phone number for your company and/or agent on them as well.

Have you inventoried some or all of your stuff?  You should

Do you have a go to auto body shop?  Not a big deal if you don’t but it helps.

Do you have a contractor?  Maybe one who has worked on your home before?  They don’t all want insurance work but definitely good to know one.

Got trees?  Have a tree person.  At worse, next time one is in the neighborhood go interview them and save their information.