Dear Microsoft,

Dear Satya,

YOU Ran An Update and it f’d my day up.  See at 6pm on Wednesday we were all good but when I got back on at noon Thursday we weren’t.   What happened?   Your update happened.   Now I am out 5 hours of time not to mention will pay $100+ toy support team.  Yup, double wammy.

Now I had to fix this but what dawned on me was this.  You screwing my computer up is a problem but not as big as this.  I work with insurance companies whose websites ONLY FUNCTION on Internet Explorer.   Not Edge not Chrome just an unsupported browser. Scary, scary stuff!!

Now as I write this a few days later I want to apologize.  I missplaced my anger at you and Microsoft.  The reality is, I should be pointing the finger at my insurance company partners.  Shame on them for not being available on other sites.  Oh, in fairness, some of them are, but the reality is their systems do not function at full capability.

So again, my apologies.  Maybe your company can work with the industry to help them upgrade their sites.


Billy Van Jura