Available Real Estate? Somehow sacred? The next big thing?

Advertising on license plate holders!  About to ramble, hang on almost over.

It is already being done but think about it, who cares where you bought your car? Do you save money or get anything for allowing them a spot on your car? Why not sell this space? Are you willing to identify with someone/something strong enough to allow them on your car?

Could it be to much?  Not sure, people routinely put magnetic stickers on their side panels.  How much time do you spend parked behind another vehicle at a light?  Is it dangerous to put your Twitter handle on there?  Not sure, at the very least a web address and something catchy?

What is the difference between this space and a bumper sticker?  Heck it is probably easier to remove a license plate holder than it is a bumper sticker.  And as far as bumper stickers, can someone let me know why we allow a car dealer to place their logo on our car?  Think about it, you bought it, leased it or financed it and whomever holds the note is likely not the dealership.  Why do they get your real estate for free?

Not sure.  So a ways back I removed all of the car logos that I could and have no license plate holder.  What now?  Not sure.  Not sure if I am ready to commit to driving a billboard.  Maybe soon.

How about you?

Just some thoughts.