Marketing killed my dandelions

Here is what my lawn looked like a few weeks back;

2014-05-08 16.44.56

Chbly 6-8 chock full of dandelions and various other “flowers”  Probably 6-8 inches high and looking a bit rough.  But did it really?  Looked like a bunch of flowers and several dozen shades of green.  Why must a lawn be perfectly kept at all times?  My must people spend money on treatments to their lawn?  MARKETING  Ah, the pesky “american dream” of a perfectly manicured lawn.  No thanks.

Seriously take a moment to read about dandelions;

Not bad, used as medicine and food throughout the world.   Here is another little diddy on eating dandelions

Oh but your long grass produces ticks…prove it.  Oh but it looks bad, maybe to you.  What instead I am supposed to have a bunch of little yellow signs warning kids, I have two, and dogs, I like them, to stay off?  No thanks, let whatever grows grow.  Remember the people telling you that only grass should be growing in your lawn have something to sell.  Would they really mind my weeds if they did not have something to sell that “killed” them?  Of and on that note, why would you want to kill anything?

Anyhow, moving on.