But does the band aid fit?

So the other morning I was shaving and cut my chin a bit.  Somehow these tiny cuts bleed profusely and with about an hour before I had to leave I had to do something.  So I apply some cream so it will clot a bit and then apply the first band aid I could find.  It was clear and way bigger than what I needed but it worked.  It had the little bit of gauze that all band aids have and after a short time the bleeding stopped.  Now our upstairs cabinet was not quite like this;

But we did have five different kinds available.

Now as I was leaving I removed the band aid and confirmed this bleeding was done but what if it started again?  So now I went into our kitchen cabinet and grabbed a band aid.  So the downstairs cabinet is more for those times when the kids get cuts outside so it looked a bit more like this;

I went with the penguins from Madagascar.  Not because of the penguins but because it was a much smaller band aid.  Still had the same interior gauze but smaller.  It would work and fit my chin better but it did have a penguin on it and I was going to present at a meeting.  Not exactly ideal.

The point is this, there are several hundred companies that offer insurance.  Reality is the most important coverages (the gauze) that are offered are the same.  Now is your company the right size for you or the right color or have the right other features that is the true question.  And don’t worry, although changing companies takes a little longer than removing a band aid it is less painful.

Just some thoughts.