The myth that is “apples to apples”

Seriously, do we even know that what you have now is worth comparing anything to?  That is the first and best place to start, lets first see what you have in place and make sure that what you need matches up with what you have and also is what you want.  Once we do that now we can go forward.  **Price is irrelevant at this point**

Now we answered those three questions and what are we even comparing?  If you do not need enhanced towing, rental, etc. why should we consider it as part of our review.  Liability coverage is liability coverage as is no-fault, supplemental and any other coverage as long as the state is involved in how it is applied.  As far as all the other add-ons that some marketing person came up with; Do you need or want them?  My guess is likely a no to both.

So how about the goal is instead to 1. review what you have 2. Make it fit what you want and need 3. Get a competitive price for it.  Let’s face it, odds are pretty good you are not buying the cheapest of anything that is available.  We want a fair price, the best price likely comes with some concessions that are probably not wise to make.

Compare your apples at the supermarket and review your insurance.

Just some thoughts.