I’m Guilty

A few weeks back I was stopped for talking on a phone without a headset.  I rarely do this and the fact is I was momentarily lazy on a Sunday morning.  The officer actually saw the headset on the dashboard but it was to no avail.  I AM GUILTY.

Yes, I did it and yes I was caught.  Now I happened to have both my children in the backseat as well.  Now my 6 year old was definitely paying attention as was my son and while waiting for the ticket I explained what was going on and why.  So the police officer comes back with his ticket and proceeds to say “here is your ticket.  Plead not guilty…” I was baffled.  Why would you waste time doing something if you did not mean to do it?  Maybe the quota theory is true?  Here is this person who is sworn to protect and uphold laws telling me to lie about the FACT that I did in fact break a law.  Not acceptable.  What makes it worse is this person, hopefully not a parent, chose to tell me this in front of my children.

Sad that this is how things are for most people.  It sucks but I plead guilty and I paid the ticket.  Sorry, you are either honest or not.  There is nothing wrong with mistakes as long as you learn from them.  There is however something wrong with situational integrity.