Delusions in insurance

1. We want to be the largest in america…. WHO CARES my guess is your policyholders don’t.

2. We can save you $480 or 15% or an average of … WHO CARES reality is saving that amount of money just means something was wrong.

3. Rates go up due to inflation…MOSTLY CRAP rates go up to keep the bottom line healthy. If people knew how much money was floating around in insurance they would go bonkers

4. Discount double check, in good hands, join the nation, like a good neighbor…SLOGANS are for the company not for you. ¬†Sooner the companies put more resources into helping their policyholders and less into marketing the sooner you will see insurance improve.

5. I’ve been with them for twenty years they are loyal to me…SURE AND I have a unicorn in my backyard and the Easter bunny lives next door. ¬†Prove it, show me how they showed loyalty in return.**there are likely some exceptions to this but not many.**

just some thoughts.