Seriously a pig in a blanket?

When will insurance companies actually step up and make a difference?

My guess is when the public steps up and demands it.  A pig in a blanket, the same pig using an app to do car changes when it should be engaging with the people around it.  A goofball called mayhem?  Jobu(major league reference) doing voice overs for people getting bonus checks.  Seriously would you cut a branch down over your neighbors car.  And it keeps going.

The one that will really win is the one that treats you as educated people who are interested in value with your insurance not comedy.  The only comical thing is that we allow goofy advertising to take the focus off of one of the most profitable business sectors in the world.  Ironically it would be even more profitable if it spent less on advertising to new customers and more on taking care of existing customers.

just some thoughts.