Sometimes they choose to leave

And it actually happened twice in the last week.  Now the first one was expected, when one person marries another or moves in with another generally one agent gets tossed out.  Aw well, it happens.  Part of the business I suppose but still stings a bit.

The other was a little bit of surprise but should have seen it coming.  See on occasion the value that you perceive that you provide is not nearly the same to two different people.  Similar to above or as I sometimes like to say “It’s whatever.”  Similar to many athletes you have bad moments, the quicker you shake them off the better.

It happens, from time to time, that people put money in front of human relationships.  Add this in with the fact that I am not perfect and sometimes things get delayed and you have the perfect cocktail to create this atmosphere.

The fact still remains, as long as  you have a solid plan in place you should consider shopping each year.  Another almost fact is that I do leave most, this person included, with a better plan then when they came to me.  Some come to me with good plans just not so good rates.

Either way, it has been two years so it was bound to happen sooner or later.