The value of discounts

is not really what it seems when it comes to insurance.  Reality is they are a seemingly wonderful tool used to advertise to the masses of people that are required to have insurance.  Do they create a savings, yes they absolutely do.  Are they worth paying attention to?  Yes, if you  are entitled you should be asking about them and receiving the credit.

BUT, the reality is discounts are not nearly as critical as your credit score, home ownership status, marital status, education and driving history(sort of but not a factual priority list).  So why don’t the big companies advertise this?  Because it would really upset some people.  BUT it may also encourage some people to choose to improve their credit and driving history.  The other three don’t leave much room for adjusting but if you focus on improving your credit you will see more of a change then with any particular discounts.

It is what it is, not a pretty topic and although you may not agree it plays a role and there is more than enough evidence to support the use of credit.  Either way, since you and I will not change the system, let’s instead learn the rules and figure out how to use them to our advantage.

Just some thoughts, thanks for listening.