Tried and True or

Tried and now false, yes I was reading this blog and the concept immediately related to how I view insurance.  Sometimes I like to say “bringing a little unexpected to the expected”  Here are some of may favorites;

  • I have been with the same company for over three years and think that gets me some sort of “loyalty credit.”  Just be sure to get this in writing and make sure you are not paying extra for this “benefit”
  • I am with the same company for twenty years, I’m sure they are doing good for me. Sure, a big corporation is making sure they are charging you a fair price.  If you are not reviewing annually you are missing out.
  • I like having a low deductible.  I’ll pay out less if something happens. Sure, and submitting a “small” claim will have no effect on your rate either.  In case you were wondering, cash discounts tend to exist and you are allowed to fix damage to your home.
  • But how are there claims people? The standards are high everywhere.  If you follow these tips you will likely do better.

The truth, as I see it, is that if you buy from a person versus a company and you commit to a brief review each year you should be able to maintain a consistently reasonable rate.

Just some thoughts.  Thanks for letting me share.