“He knows everybody” and more useless wrong uses of phrases

I get it I know they are expressions but please use some caution.  How about ” he/she knows a lot of people”?  Makes more sense than saying everybody from a grammatical standpoint it is also more more logical.

How about the word “know”  do you really know someone?  My guess is you maybe getting to know someone or have a good sense of who the person is.  When you know someone my guess is you need to think to yourself; Do I know them to the point that I will point my name next to theirs and refer them?  Not that you need to stand by their work, things happen.  But what I mean is if you really “know” someone you should be willing to share them with others and be willing to risk a piece of your reputation when referring them.

But I heard from someone…”  Really, who?  Who is this somebody that you are not willing to share the name of?

Love– seriously, I appreciate you wanting to step up from like but only use this if you mean it.  Maybe there are different levels of love?  Maybe we should reserve love for things that are alive, specifically humans and pets?

CAN’T is worse than F$&* or S*$# or any other curse word you can think of.  How about how we use it so often.  So can it really not happen or do you just not know how to make it happen.  Can it really not happen or are you just unwilling to do what it takes to make it happen.  Things usually can’t happen right up until one person ignores everyone and does it.

“I’ve got a great idea…”   Great there are books full of them how about you make something happen instead.

Just some thoughts.