Big portions = insurance discounts

Stumbling through any amount of commercials can be entertaining and also very revealing.   Many times entertainment takes precedent over information.  Actually more times than not things are done to get your attention in the hopes that  you will provide some attention/dollars to their product.

I have harped on insurance discounts for a while, bottom line is any list of discounts you can provide does not out do your characteristics.  Your credit score, education, residence and marital status mean way more than all the discounts.  But talking about this, the facts, is not appealing so we disguise it with discounts.  Same thing with food.

Everyone is different, my household prefers the produce from farm markets and local markets to big chain stores.  Having tried both  the local is just better and the cost is comparable.  This is true with meat as  well.  Local, grass fed meats are just better.

So what does this have to do with insurance?

Watch restaurant advertising; none of the dishes you see on T.V. or in print ever look like what you get?  Does getting a portion big enough for two people add value or take away?  If you can get three courses for $9.99 don’t you ever wonder what exactly are they serving you?

Look for VALUE not “deals”

Value means you are paying a sum  of money that you feel is fair for what you get in return.  If you spend a little more than average but the chef is better, the atmosphere is better and the meal is memorable  that is value.  If your insurance agent actually has ideas and a plan and is not just taking your info, putting it into a computer and then spitting out a “quote”  that is value.

Just an early thought.