$8 to park at a hospital?

Seriously, that is what it cost when I went to visit my grandmother at the hospital.  That is awful, I have paid less to go to professional sporting events.  $8 can provide adequate nutrition for at least 1 person if not 2 for a day but instead it bought me a parking spot for 1 hour.  There is more than enough evidence that it is the presence of loved ones that truly enables healing yet they make it difficult.  So let’s dive a little deeper;

You enter a very nice lobby with some wonderful statues and a very comfortable atmosphere, but than you go up the elevator.  The hallways are immediately darker and you go into your room with two people inhabiting space that is better fit for one.

“But Grandma at least you have the window…”  Than I looked out that window on and off for the hour I was there and realized a window is pretty useless if you cannot get fresh air and have something appealing to look at.  But hey why would a multi-billion dollar operation want to make your experience better?  See Apple or any nicer hotel that does successfully try every day.

Oh and on the insurance note; overheard a woman being denied appropriate treatment because she did not have insurance.  Here is the Hippocratic oath, nothing about insurance in this but than again what else would you expect when you submit to letting a corporation dictate health care.  So much for the system protecting those that need some help.  

Either way , just some thoughts.  Pardon the negativity, I could not believe I was  actually hearing it out loud.