Opportunity offered; flexible full or part time hours, internship?


Are you looking for a new opportunity or are you looking for a job?  If it is a job, no need to read further.  I am not looking for an employee I am looking for one or more people that want to work with me, create their own success and share in mine.

Are you looking for a salary and benefits or are you looking for an opportunity to dictate what you make and customize your own benefit plan?  If it is a salary and a benefit plan please stop reading.  If you are interested in dictating how much you make I have a base salary for you as well as plenty of money for you to earn.   Remember the mint makes money the rest of us earn it.  Need benefits?  We can put together a package that works for both of us.  Many companies advertise “unlimited earning potential” which is mostly a bulls*** line to hook you in.  Truth is this is a limited opportunity but the only limiting factor here is you.

Are you looking for a 9-5 40 hour week?  Stop reading now.  If you are looking for a schedule with a lot of flexibility that can potentially be crafted to better suit your life than continue to read.  9-5 and 40 hours are no longer and have not been the norm for a while.  You can work as much as you want or as little as you want.  You also have the right to earn as much or as little as you want. Time and money walk hand in hand down the path to your success.

Do you have a genuine interest in having conversations and meeting people that you enjoy talking to and working with?  If the answer is no please look elsewhere.  If the answer is yes, I think you are going to enjoy this opportunity.  All day, every day I meet and speak with people whom I enjoy working with and my work for them is appreciated.  How about you?

What Now?  Pretty simple, do some research on me and my company, type Billy Van Jura into Google.  If you like what you find send me a resume and please include a link to your LinkedIn profile. Email here; [email protected] I’m going to look for it anyhow so thanks for saving me the time.  Either way I’ll respond.

What else?  Please know or have the following;

  1. Your goals
  2. Your plan for the next 6 months, 2 years, beyond
  3. What you want from me
  4. What skills you can offer the company
  5. A property and casualty insurance license **will be required if hired**  Would be awesome if you have one now, not necessary for intern.
  6. A working car
  7. A full tank of desire
  8. One heck of a work ethic
  9. A really solid “Why”

Thanks for reading, hopefully we get to meet.