I really need to lower my rate…

This is something I hear on a very regular basis.  Yes, I try to lower said rate whenever I am introduced and asked to help this situation.  But what can I do?  I can;

  • Get proposals from 12 different companies
  • review the coverage and make some suggestions
  • advise you to take a defensive driving coverage
  • give some ideas about how/when to pay to save money
  • review your discounts
  • help you make a plan

So that is five things I can do.  Now what can you do;

  • get proposals from the other twenty or so companies you can
  • Actually make some changes on your coverage
  • TAKE the defensive driving course http://www.newyorksafetycouncil.com/default.aspx?
  • Consider not getting a monthly bill, pay in full to save more
  • Actually go through everything
  • Be patient, your ticket or accident is with you for three years
  • Consider an older vehicle not a brand new one
  • Ask yourself if you are ok with a small dent in a safe car
  • Ask yourself how much work you can do around your home
  • start looking at this as a vital piece of your financial plan
  • review annually
  • Forget your loyalty to a company, loyalty needs to go both ways

Way more you can do than I can do.

Just some suggestions, thanks for reading