Value vs Money vs Time who wins

I suppose it depends who you are, what the situation is and what is at stake.  Now maybe you will disagree with this;

There is no more valuable commodity than time .  We all have a finite supply and you never know when your supply will actually run out.  

So if we can take this as a fact that means it is Value vs Money for second place.  Money is wonderful, it lets you do a lot of things.  Feels good to have it, sometimes not so good when you don’t have enough but at the end of the day it is an inanimate object that if you do it right allows you to do  some wonderful things.  But when used to just buy inanimate things are you really getting the most value out of money?  I don’t think so, the most value comes when you use money to buy time that allows you to gain more value in your life.  Since value you get out of life tends to be more worthy than any dollar you may have than it looks like value is in second place.

But then again it depends on how you look at it.