Gotta love insurance advertising

I will admit two things;

1.I thoroughly enjoy advertising insurance companies do

2. I am generally disgusted by the advertising insurance companies do

So last week, like any other week, you and I get multiple pieces of insurance related advertising in our mail.  You were also subject to countless radio and t.v. ads.  Combine this with the multiple times you saw an ad while on the internet and it is practically inconceivable.  How much advertising do you really need to do?

So what set this off, two local State Farm agents mailed a letter to my house this past week.  One addressed to me, one to my wife. Both arrived on the same day and both had identical points to make.  So you have two agents from one company **State Farm agencies are essentially franchises and compete against but don’t cooperate with one another** advertising the same useless information to one household.  Not sure what is more annoying; that the content of the letter is purely driven on price and ads no value to whomever reads the letter or that State Farm is so big that they ignore their small agents and silly marketing mistakes.

Here is my take, most insurance companies treat the general public like a bunch of uneducated, dollar hungry, transactions versus human beings who need and want insurance.  Would it really hurt business to provide some education that they can use regardless of what company they are with?  Wouldn’t you still do ok if you stressed how good your policy is or how you are willing to keep your rate consistent or about how saving more than $500 just means you have been overpaying?  I would rather brag about saving $200-$300 than pointing out that someone is grossly overpaying.

Either way, like anything else is being advertised, be careful.  Just some thoughts, thanks for letting me share.