Timing is everything

When it comes to your insurance policy?  Yes, there are a lot of times when adjusting the start and finish date of your policy can save $100’s of dollars.  Here are some ideas.

  1. You don’t have insurance right now, GET SOME.  Think of this as a temporary policy.  So you get a policy right now and a month from now go shopping.  Since you are now shopping with prior insurance you will likely get a better rate
  2. You have an accident that is just over two years old.  Well accidents that are three years old cost less.  So if your accident anniversary is in 6 months, time up the end date of your new policy to be just after the anniversary.  This creates a great possibility you will get a lower rate in six months
  3. Tickets are very similar to accidents.  Timing up a policy so when you renew or go shopping again it is less of a factor or no factor at all is critical.

An example; J called me back in November.  After reviewing his account we decided to start the policy February 13th 2013.  WHY?  Well he has a speeding ticket that passes three years on August 12th 2013.  So, he will leave his current carrier in the middle of the policy term.  Fortunately for him he will actually lower his rate when he switches.  Then, assuming no tickets or accidents, we expect his rate to go down again in August when we either renew with the new company or go shopping again.

Sounds good?  Just a thought, thanks for letting me share.