VOTE or else will anything change?

Not just today but everyday!  Yes you can vote for the president today as well as your local senators, assembly people, libraries, etc.  That is great and personally I feel you have an obligation to express your right as a citizen and go to the polls.  But, as I see it, your most important votes come the other 364 days of any given year.

You see every time you spend money you have the chance to vote for something you like.  When you choose a bis national chain over a comparable local option you just voted.  When you go to the chain restaurant because it is easy and predictable rather than trying the new place you voted.  In my world, when you choose a large, non local brand over a human being who is local you voted.  Your daily votes with your dollars are likely more important than your once a year or every other year or every four years when you vote for a person.

So vote, think about it,  every day you have an opportunity to influence lives with how you vote not just today.

Just an idea, thanks for reading.