Hurricane of claims coming? Get prepared..

So as this is typed a hurricane is affecting North Carolina up to Northern New Jersey.  With this storm as in any other there will likely be lots of claims filed. So what can you do?  Well take a deep breath and realize that ALL companies have done everything they can to mobilize their claim units and it still may not be enough.  Please try and be patient and instead try doing some of the following things, these are some ideas I have developed and used over the last ten years that work.

  • Make sure all humans and pets are ok.  Everything else is much less important and fixable.
  • DOCUMENT your damage BEFORE YOU START CLEANING UP! Photos are great.
  • If you can call in your claim before you start cleaning up that is great if not, you do have a responsibility to try and limit the damage
  • GET ESTIMATES, yes get your own independent estimate.  You may not use the person providing the estimate but at least you have an idea of what it will take to fix your damage.
  • Follow up with your claims people, save ALL receipts and keep documenting damage

The above applies nicely to all claims and in a time when there may be a lot of activity, very busy claims people will appreciate your patience and your effort to help.  Good luck, be safe.

These are some ideas that have been helpful, what you choose to do is up to you.