The debates and insurance advertising

No, I did not invest two hours of my life in watching the debates.  Nor do I pay particular attention to anything that cannot bring actual value(by my definition) to my life.  For those that do, great.  I am happy you enjoy the entertainment that they provide.  So what do the debates remind you of?

1. Two fairly rude men who like to hear themselves talk

2. Two people that if they had any sort of actual, measurable, factual results over the last four years would not need to fight for time

3. Two people that collectively have spent so much money pandering to an audience just so their “party” can control a country rather than helping the very people they are supposed to serve.

That being said, yes I can correlate just about anything to insurance.  In this case, it is very easy.  Companies are always talking to you and rarely with you.  Whether in print, digital, radio or T.V, etc. they are telling you what they think you want to hear; ” We have so many discounts…” ” Combine and save…” “People saved $472 by switching…” They literally spend Billions of dollars pushing to you and not teaching you anything about insurance.  Not providing any insurance facts. Why?  Because for some reason hiding facts are easier for them?  Because if you knew what to look for and how to buy insurance they may have to improve as a company?  Because they are afraid that they do not do enough good so if they stopped advertising you would forget them.

Aw well, you always have the option of choosing the human being whom you like to work with.  Either way, just some thoughts thanks for reading.